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Time Loader

Timing product for defense and mission-critical applications

Focus Telecom is pleased to present this Application Note - Rugged Deployed “Time - Loader” for rapid & tactical installations for Sync/timing units which are part and/or Embedded on Sensor systems like UAV, Radar/EO, Missile Defense systems, and any Ground, Naval and Airborne system which needs Real-Time TOD (Time of Day) and 1PPS external Sync – in denied GPS/GNSS Environments.​

The emerging era of rapid deployments of Defense systems such as COMINT, Missiles Defense, and UAS batteries in the field, in deny and/or jammed GNSS tactical deployments, sets new challenges for real-time and accurate ToD (Time of Day) aligned to the UTC or GNSS.
The tactical deployed field operations stress the need for field-deployed “Suitcase” like portable or hand-carried Time loader to activate tactical systems on rapid cold-start and/or first-time deployed sensors. 


  • Generates a GPS L1-C/A code RF-output as if the

  • signal where coming from a Live-Sky GPS antenna.

  • Full-constellation GPS output

  • Compatible with external GNSS receivers

  • Encodes time with nanosecond accuracy for GPS

  • Timing Receivers

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