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Monitoring PNT Jamming Threats

Monitor PNT for GPS Vulnerabilities

Visibility of jamming attacks is essential to protecting critical infrastructure. The GPSensor is a standalone device that monitors GNSS frequencies and reports intentional and unintentional attacks. It carries out regular monitoring of each site and transmits critical information in real-time over a cellular link, either to our InfiniDome cloud or to the customer's dedicated cloud.

Ideal GNSS Surveillance Solution


GPSensor can be deployed in multiple locations throughout critical infrastructure sites such as airports, railway stations, large campuses, and many more. It collects data on jamming attacks and GNSS performance. Our InfiniCloud management system takes the collected data and gives a geographical view that allows you to determine the extent of the problem, time & location of the attacks as well as reporting of some GNSS metrics. GPSensor is also ideally suited to monitoring the health and consistency of the GNSS signal in organizations that radiate GNSS signals for ticketing and other applications.


  • Easy to install and use

  • Compact and portable

  • Regular monitoring of jamming threats at each site

  • Alerts of intentional and unintentional attacks on GNSS frequencies

  • Easily identify which site is under attack

  • The intensity of the attack at any given moment and how it changes over time

  • Duration of the attack

  • Displaying daily/weekly GNSS & cellular data

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