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LPR JamTrap

LPR Jamming Detector Camera

It’s only human to believe we’re secure, but reality tells a different story.

Most organizations have faith in their security measures... but the truth is: you may not have the necessary protection to handle an infrastructure attack.


The assessment these days is that any violation or hostile intent will be associated with a GPS Jamming event. In addition, individual drivers trying to disappear for a personal mission can block GPS/GNSS with a device bought online for a very small budget using a car lighter socket.

This situation affects our highways and other critical infrastructure. 


Main features:

  • Easy to install and use

  • Detection of jamming threats

  • Alerts of intentional and unintentional attacks  on GNSS frequencies

  • Easily identify the location of the Jamming attack

  • High-quality imaging with 9MP resolution (1” GMOS)

  • Excellent low-light performance, Colour: 0.001  Lux@ (F1.4, AGC ON)

  • Efficient H.265 compression technology

  • 3D DNR technology delivers clean and sharp  images

  • Supports license plate recognition (LPR)

  • Vehicle feature recognition: vehicle type/color/manufacturer/license plate color recognition, no-plate vehicle capture

  • Opt. violation behavior detection: driving on the lane line, illegal lane change, wrong-way driving detection, seatbelt and phone call detection.

  • Application Scenarios: airports, railway stations, highways, tunnels, toll stations, urban roads, etc.

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