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GPS Resilient Kit

Protecting against GNSS Jamming

With a world heavily dependent on GNSS, it is vital that the integrity of the signals. The quality of GNSS signals is affected by jamming, spoofing, and other cyber-attacks.


Blocking GNSS signals can significantly disrupt an organization’s systems or even disable the entire organization. It is essential to receive good quality signals while staying protected from such attacks.


Focus Telecom’s GPS Resilient Kit is a cybersecurity device that comes with two antennas for monitoring and protecting time-critical infrastructures. It can be integrated with any GNSS receiver, either as a retrofit or in greenfield deployments.

Using OtoSphere™ at its core, the GPS Resilient Kit not only protects systems against GNSS threats but also offers reliable monitoring and real-time reporting to infiniCloud via a cellular link, allowing for minimal downtime of critical PNT systems.


The advantage of the GPS Resilient Kit is that when a jamming attack occurs, the user’s GNSS Receiver will continue being locked to L1 and pass through most of the other frequencies.


  • Proprietary Interference Filtering Algorithm for maximum protection

  • Minimal power consumption

  • Based on proven OtoSphere™ technology

  • Cloud-based monitoring with real-time reporting of jamming attacks

  • Economic, compact solution

  • Latency: 100ns ± 15ns (fixed)

  • Insertion loss: 6.5dB ±2dB

  • Protected signal: 1575.42 MHz (GPS L1 C/A code)

  • Pass-through signals: L5, Galileo E1B/C, GLONASS G1, Beidou B1 & B2, QZSS L1C, E5A


Timing Server Without Protection


Timing Server Protected by GPS Resilient Kit

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