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RF Switch

Protect PNT Against GPS Vulnerabilities

Protect PNT against GPS Vulnerabilities

The ease with which a GNSS RF signal can be blocked or disrupted and the damage this can cause, have made every organization understand the paramount importance of protecting GNSS systems.
Erroneous positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) information in any part of the infrastructure can jeopardize security and disrupt user service.



Reducing the Risk

Most cyber-attacks on time systems are performed through RF signals entering time servers. One of the best ways to protect these systems is to isolate them by disconnecting their antenna, which mitigates exposure to GPS vulnerabilities such as GPS spoofing or jamming.


The RF Switch is a programmable, hardware-based standalone solution that protects your PNT systems from vulnerabilities by isolating them from the RF signals coming from the antenna.

During this time, the server maintains accurate time from its internal oscillator.

Since an accurate oscillator also drifts over time, once every few days, weeks, or months, the antenna can be reconnected periodically to allow the time server to calibrate itself.

rf switch.png



Real bi-directional isolation

  • Programmability for predetermined

  • Disconnection of antenna feed

  • Remotely accessible for immediate

  • Disconnection or connection of

  • GNSS

  • Physical disconnection response

  • Time <10ms

  • GUI response time <1s

  • Supports full L1 & L2 GNSS

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