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About Us

Securing Position Navigation & Timing Assets

Focus-Telecom (of Getter Group) 
Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Since its inception in 1995, Focus Telecom (of Getter Group) together with leading manufacturers & technology developers, provide high-end technology solutions, in synchronization & time, GPS protection, delivering RF over Fiber, SatCom, and more… Years of experience in the Israeli market & strong relations with partners - manufacturers & technology developers around the world, have given us the right knowledge base and skillset to design custom solutions for our customers. 


The company has since emerged as an innovator in GPS security, developing unique, patented technologies and producing solutions that protect critical infrastructure against attacks on their Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) systems.


Focus Telecom’s highly experienced team also offers consulting, cyber defense and training. Our end-to-end solutions & services are aimed at multiple sectors as Communications, Government & Security, Finance & IT, Industrial, Transport and Energy. Additionally, Focus Telecom is approved by the Ministry of Defense, Israel Aircraft Industries, Rafael, Elbit, and other defense industry and government organizations, that benefit from Focus-Telecom’s solutions.


Focus-Telecom sets Israel's standard for the time in synchronization solutions to generate, distribute and apply precise time are used worldwide in multiple industries, including communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure, and metrology. Our customers can build more reliable networks and systems with advanced timing technologies, atomic clocks, services and complete solutions. 


Focus Telecom’s solutions spearhead advanced SDR applications in SatCom with RF over IP (RFoIP) and Real-Time Ch. Sim for High Throughput Satellites (HTS), NGSO constellations, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Ground Stations, UAVs, Telemetry /Missile Defense, COMINT/DF and a wide range of other applications. 


Some of the company’s projects involve advanced RF & GNSS with Sync/timing transmission over Fiber (RFoF) for VSAT, LEO and Military/Aerospace applications. 


By also providing the RF BUC SatCom portfolio of X, C, Ku and Ka bands, Focus Telecom has become the dominant solution provider for a wide range of applications in Satcom & SDR Ground Stations for Defense & commercial enterprises, supported by its world leading partners such as: Vialite, Kratos, STE and Ultra Electronics – Herley.


Focus Telecom recently enhanced its portfolio with the addition of ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance) groundbreaking solutions to provide synchronization in tactical environments requiring rapid deployment of precise timing. Our recently developed Time Loader is a portable unit equipped as a Turn-Key integrated system that generates timing signals even in GPS denied environments. 


The company implements high quality standards according to ISO 9001:2015, certified and approved by the Israel Standards Institute, as well as other global standard organizations like IQNet.

About Getter Group

Getter Tech  is fully owned by Getter Group, benefitting from the Group’s proven experience and the advantages resulting from the Group’s status as a large and long-standing icon of Israeli business, including:

  • Sophisticated logistics center

  • Synergies with the Group’s other subsidiary companies

  • Close ties with leading suppliers worldwide

  • Stability and financial robustness stemming from strong financial backing

Read more about Getter Group here

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