About Us

Securing Position Navigation & Timing Assets

Focus-Telecom - Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Founded in 1995, Focus Telecom has been a leading supplier of time and frequency synchronization solutions.

The company has since emerged as an innovator in GPS security, developing unique, patented technologies and producing solutions that protect critical infrastructure against attacks on their Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) systems.


Focus Telecom’s highly experienced team also offers consulting, cyber defense, and turnkey solutions. Our end-to-end timing solutions generate, distribute and apply resilient time for multiple sectors: Communications, Government & Security, Finance & IT, Industrial, Transport, and Energy.


The company has recently started to extensively focus on the field of security to complement its timing expertise, with a variety of solutions such as satellite data communications systems (RT-Logic), video and control systems, and combat intelligence networks (RGB Spectrum).


The company implements high standards according to ISO 9001:2015 certificated and approved by the Israel Standards Institute, as well as other global standard organizations - like IQNet.

Additionally, Focus Telecom is approved by the Ministry of Defence, Israel Aircraft Industries, Elbit, and other defense industry and government organizations.

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