Securing Position, Navigation and Timing Assets

The world is heavily dependent on GNSS to provide PNT service. It is estimated that there are more than 10 billion GNSS devices being used in a wide variety of fields such as:

  • Military: drones, vehicles, aircraft, missile systems.

  • Transport: Airports, airplanes, fleets, ships, trains.

  • Telecommunications & IT: Data centers, 3G, 4G, 5G networks.

  • Many more: Law enforcement, fire, police ambulance, cars, phones.

Feeling vs reality – it’s quite human to feel secure but history has shown us that reality is often different. Most organizations believe that their systems are quite secure but often the reality is that their systems may not have the necessary protection when an attack occurs on their infrastructure.


Focus-Telecom has based its years of experience in PNT security to develop a line of smart security products that deliver front-end cyber solutions that protect critical infrastructure from jamming attacks.

Image by Dileep M
Container Ship
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Police Car

Our Products

Focus Telecom Takes A Multi-Layered Defense Outlook


GPS Resilient Kit

Protecting against GNSS Jamming

With a world heavily dependent on GNSS, it is vital that the integrity of the signals. The quality of GNSS signals is affected by jamming, spoofing, and other cyber-attacks.

Blocking GNSS signals can significantly disrupt an organization’s systems or even disable the entire organization. It is essential to receive good quality signals while staying protected from such attacks.